CPAN Testing for the 21st Century

CPAN Testing for the 21st Century

By Mike Friedman (‎friedo‎) from
Date: Sunday, 6 October 2013 10:25
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: automation cpan mongodb testing virtualization

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What's wrong with CPAN Testers? What can we do to improve the testing culture of CPAN? More organizations are using CPAN-like distributions to manage their Perl deployments, making the CPAN toolchain more important than ever. This talk covers the history, advantages and disadvantages of the CPAN Testers ecosystem and introduces a new release testing philosophy for the CPAN, called CPANci. I will present a detailed tour of the technological infrastructure behind, and a live demo of how CPANci works. The talk concludes with a demonstration of how CPANci can be used both publicly on the CPAN and within your organization to effect immediate and accurate smoke reports for any CPAN-like distribution release.

Attended by: Matthew Wilson (‎diakopter‎), Stevan Little (‎stevan‎),

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