All about Git

Important update!

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop regrets that this class has been canceled. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. All ticket fees for this class will be refunded.

A one-day introductory Perl course

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is proud to announce "All about Git," a special course for programmers wanting to learn about revision control with Git taught by Jason May on Friday, October 4th, 2013.

There is an additional registration fee to take this course. Please be sure to select the "Introduction to Git" option when registering. Seating in this course is limited.

About the Course:

In this introductory course, see what the fuss is all about with Git, the version control system that has taken the software industry by storm. This course will discuss the circumstances that issued its existence and the problems it solved. It will cover important concepts needed to be proficient in organizing your content as well as managing, analyzing, and efficiently browsing the history.

By the end of this course, Git will change the way you approach your work and your experimentation process. You will learn how powerful and manageable it is when you keep your content in branches, locally and remotely. You will also be familiarized with how lots of people use Git to leverage workflow/deployment strategies, such as using gitflow and using git hooks.

If you are new to version control, this class will help you understand the habits you will need to adjust to in order to get the most out of the whole process. If you are familiar with other popular forms of version control, like Subversion, the substantial differences in workflow habits will be covered in this class as well.

About the Instructor: Jason May

Jason May has had a passion for software development since 1998. He has been working with Perl in particular since 2004. He has been attending Perl conferences since 2008 and speaking at them since 2010. He has been using version control since the days of cvs, svn and darcs, but fell in love with Git when he discovered the power of its immutable yet refinable structure. He has used Git in many different teams on a wide variety of projects, notably Request Tracker, xforty, and on side projects like Moe.

Course Preparations:

You are encouraged to bring a device that has Git installed. If your machine does not come with Git, you can download and install it from A week before the class, you may be sent a link to the files we will be using in the in-class exercises, which will consist of example Git repositories. Provided this is the case, back-ups will be provided in the morning before the class, but it is recommended that you do not rely on this. Needless to say, it would be especially important that you receive these exercises prior to the workshop, as the state of internet access during the class is uncertain.

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