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Pittsburgh Perl Workshop: Hardware Hackathon
Physical computing stitched together with Perl

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is excited to add a Hardware Hackathon this year.

We have partnered with Hans Scharler of and to bring you a great opportunity to be exposed to hardware hacking and Physical Computing. We will provide everything you need from sensors to microcontrollers. If you have any interest in the Internet of Things, the PPW Hardware Hackathon is for you to learn how Perl connects everything together. The idea behind a hardware hackathon is try out a bunch of ideas and see what we can create. So, we need all kinds of people with varying experience to come with amazing projects. Who knows, we may come up with an alarm clock that reads your Google Calendar.

But we can use your help to make it great. From just starting out to seasoned hacker we want to be able to help.

What ideas do you have that we could maybe help come true?

Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎) I am interested in ways to make perl much easier to use with all kinds of physical devices. I want the of the Internet of Things.

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