Apr 22, 2011 Call for Presentations

The 5th Annual Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will be held at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Gates Hillman Complex on October 8 and 9, 2011. The conference aims to provide a relaxed, but educational time with talks focused on using modern Perl to solve problems that are relevant to developers in both academic and commercial settings.

This year, there will be two tracks at PPW. The first track, “Applied Perl,” will contain topics relevant to developers writing Applications in Perl. Examples of good topics for this track include:

  • Demonstrations of how Perl is being used to solve interesting problems.
  • Tutorials on new frameworks and libraries.
  • Talks on other languages often used in conjunction with Perl.
  • Tips, techniques, or tools to improve coding skill or code quality.

The second track, “Ops,” will contain topics relevant to System Administrators. Perl has been used for systems administration since the 1980s, bringing the light of automation to the sometimes-dark corners of computing infrastructure environments. Perl is the language of choice for many systems administration tasks. And, with all the new challenges of running modern software services, it’s time to revisit how Perl makes Ops better.

Examples of good topics for the Ops track include:

  • Dynamically generating configuration files for systems/services.
  • Automated deployment/provisioning
  • Scalability, high availability, and recovery/coping with failure
  • Configuration management, including staged release, version control, bug tracking & unit testing of configurations
  • Using Perl to filter/transform/analyse structured text such as email and logfiles.

The call for papers is now open! Please submit your talk proposals to the following URL:

Proposals submitted prior to Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 will be given first consideration. Speakers may submit as many proposals as they wish.

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