09/08/08 Get your PPW talk proposals in by 12 September 2008

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2008 is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas, code, and projects with masses of code-loving Perl hackers. Shouldn't you have a speaking slot at this year's event? Shouldn't you experience the full, PPW-powered glory that only speakers can know?

Of course you should!

Haven't you ...
done interesting stuff for Perl?
written cool code?
seen the future of Perl?
got a story to tell?
got a trick to share?

In fact, if you have anything to say that would interest Perl people, we want to hear you say it!

Just go to and submit a talk proposal. It's that easy.

But don't delay. Get your proposal in by 12 September 2008 -- or else you might miss out.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2008 now!

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