07/15/08 A whole new side of PPW.

This year, we're trying to mix some things up with PPW and the talks that you'll see. Don't worry, we'll still have the same traditional talks (in fact, our call for papers will be opening in the next few days). But also, we want to take PPW to the next level.

To reach that goal, we've been working with a few selected speakers over the past months on something we like to call "Things that touch Perl." For Perl developers, we hope this means that we're going to get you excited about taking Perl home with you and trying to use it in new ways. For developers new to Perl, we hope to show you both why Perl is a great language to work with and why Perl is great at working with other things.

We're also expanding our special course offerings at PPW this year. Dan Klein will be returning with "From Zero to Perl", a beginner course which made its debut at PPW last year with excellent reviews. Also, Perl author Peter Scott will be providing a day-long course titled "Maintaining Code While Staying Sane", a course targeted at developers that just had somebody else's code dumped in their lap. We also have a few other instructors that we are working with to potentially provide day-long courses, and we hope to be announcing those soon.

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