02/13/10 PPW 2010 Facebook page

We now have a Facebook page for PPW 2010.

01/20/10 PPW 2010

We do not have details yet but wanted to ease your mind and let you know that we will have PPW 2010.

03/03/09 See you in 2010

The YAPC|10 website is now live. Be sure to register yourself for the premier Perl event in Pittsburgh for 2009. And we hope to see you back at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop in 2010!

12/22/08 Looks like PPW is part of the community.

The "perlcommunity" perldoc in perl 5.8.9 now contains a mention of PPW and its very successful "Zero to Perl" training course.

It is amazing how much PPW has grown.

10/13/08 How did we do?

Please take a moment to complete our survey and let us know what you thought of PPW. We'll use your feedback to help us plan our next PPW.

10/11/08 Extra shirts available

We have a limited quantity of t-shirts from 2007 and 2008 in some sizes. Please check with the registration desk to see what sizes are available, and then purchase your shirts through the website. After you have purchased your shirts, you may pick them up at the registration desk.

Please be advised that shirts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

10/10/08 PPW Helpline

If you need help try the PPW helpline 412.235.1533.

10/10/08 Grant Street Group returns as a PPW community sponsor.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is happy to announce Grant Street Group has agreed to become a PPW community sponsor. We are grateful to Grant Street Group for supporting Perl in Pittsburgh three years running!

Grant Street Group develops, hosts and administers customized software applications used by financial institutions and government entities to support a variety of financial transactions related to auctions of fixed income instruments as well as tax billing and collection.

We are still in need of more sponsors. Please visit our Sponsors page for more information.

10/10/08 Rakudo Consulting Group becomes a PPW community sponsor.

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that the Rakudo Consulting Group has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Community Sponsor level. This is RCG's first year as a PPW sponsor.

Rakudo Consulting Group offers training, consulting, and support services for Rakudo Perl, the Parrot Virtual Machine, mod_parrot, and other open-source technologies. RCG team members draw from years of experience leading and collaborating with designers, developers, and users of open source products to solve your development challenges. RCG is uniquely capable of delivering professional, practical, timely solutions that meet our clients' expectations of quality and value. For more information, visit

10/09/08 Don't miss the PPW Hackathon!

Once again, The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will be hosting a Perl 6 hackathon! Jerry Gay, Patrick Michaud, and Jeff Horwitz of Rakudo Consulting will all be on site during the workshop and helping out with the Rakudo hackaton. So, come on by and say hi and learn how you can help out with Perl 6.

Perl 6 isn't your thing? No problem! Stop by in Wean Hall 7220 during the workshop and work on whatever you want! We've got plenty of outlets and the electricity is free.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop also thanks Rakudo Consulting for becoming a PPW Community Sponsor. Rakudo Consulting will be sponsoring transportation services for participants attending the Saturday night social event.

10/09/08 Don't forget to join the mailing list.

In addition to checking the website frequently for important news, it is also a good idea to join the PPW-Announce google group to receive important updates by e-mail:

10/07/08 New location this year.

PPW will be in a different building this year. We will not be in the University Center, as we have been in previous years. Instead, The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will be held in Wean Hall at Carnegie Mellon University.

For more information, please view the location information page.

10/01/08 Call for Lightning Talks

The Lightning Talks will be Sunday at 4pm. There are still slots available for you to speak for 5 minutes on just about any topic. This is an excellent chance for first time speakers to start small before going on to fame and glory at the next conference.

Please try to submit your talk by Wednesday October 8. At least 2 speaking spots will be held for the second deadline Sunday at breakfast. This will give you time to be offended by something on Saturday and put together a rebuttal.

Use the 'Submit a talk' link on this website and check the 'Lightning Talk' box.

09/26/08 Schedule Posted

The tentative PPW talk schedule has been posted.

09/20/08 #ppw on

We have an irc channel on Be sure to stop by.

09/19/08 Sunday Social at Sharp Edge Beer Emporium

We will be having a Sunday social at the Sharp Edge Beer Emporium from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

If you will be attending please add yourself the Sunday Social wiki page.

09/19/08 Friday Social at Joe Mamas

We will be having a Friday social at Joe Mamas from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

If you will be attending please add yourself the Friday Social wiki page.

09/17/08 PPW group on Linkedin

If you use LinkedIn be sure to join the PPW08 group.

Also if you plan on coming to YAPC::NA:2009 there is a LinkedIn group you can join for it too.

09/15/08 Parrot/Rakudo (Perl 6) Hack-a-thon and talks

Great news! Patrick Michaud will be holding a hack-a-thon and giving talks on parrot/Rakudo (Perl 6).

Come and learn about the future of perl and dynamic languages on parrot.

Come and get and commit bit and learn how to use it and shape the future of perl and parrot.

There are tasks for all levels of involvement.

Watch the wiki for more details.

09/08/08 Get your PPW talk proposals in by 12 September 2008

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2008 is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas, code, and projects with masses of code-loving Perl hackers. Shouldn't you have a speaking slot at this year's event? Shouldn't you experience the full, PPW-powered glory that only speakers can know?

Of course you should!

Haven't you ...
done interesting stuff for Perl?
written cool code?
seen the future of Perl?
got a story to tell?
got a trick to share?

In fact, if you have anything to say that would interest Perl people, we want to hear you say it!

Just go to and submit a talk proposal. It's that easy.

But don't delay. Get your proposal in by 12 September 2008 -- or else you might miss out.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2008 now!

09/08/08 Don't forget your hotel reservations!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 9th) is last day to get the discounted rate for hotel rooms.

More information about the discount rate is available on our Location page.


The call for papers for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is still open, but not for long. It's time to step up and submit your talk.

Don't you want to be part of the excitement? Don't you have something to share with the Perl community? Don't you want to make your mark on the historic PPW? Of course you do!

So why put if off? Submit your talk now. Just click:

and fill out the form. It's that easy.

But don't delay! Claim your speaking spot while there's still time.

08/12/08 Submit a talk proposal for the The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop!

PPW 2008 is just a few months away. That means now is the time to submit a talk proposal. Haven't you been doing cool stuff with Perl? Of course you have! Then why not share the fun with the whole Perl community? Give a talk at PPW 2008!

Just go to and submit a talk proposal. It's that easy.

But don't delay. Get your proposal in soon -- or else you might miss out.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2008 now!

08/04/08 Mastering Perl course to be taught at PPW

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is happy to announce "Mastering Perl," a special course, to be taught by returning PPW speaker, brian d foy.

In this tutorial, brian d foy will cover aspects of his latest book, Mastering Perl, which is practical advice for working programmers on creating professional, enterprise-quality Perl programs.

This tutorial joins "From Zero to Perl", taught by Dan Klein, and "Maintaining Code While Staying Sane", taught by Peter Scott as a third elective that PPW participants may opt to take in 2008 in addition to attending our many high-quality short talks.

More information on "Mastering Perl" may be found on the PPW website.

07/17/08 Hotel Information

The University Center Quality Inn in Pittsburgh has let us know that they are going to have very limited available rooms during the weekend of PPW due to other events in the area.

However, we were able to secure a block of 30 rooms from them at a discounted rate. When registering, please be sure to ask for the "Pittsburgh Perl Workshop" event rate. For more information on the Quality Inn, please visit our location page.

We will also be working to get more rooms from other hotels in the area.

07/15/08 A whole new side of PPW.

This year, we're trying to mix some things up with PPW and the talks that you'll see. Don't worry, we'll still have the same traditional talks (in fact, our call for papers will be opening in the next few days). But also, we want to take PPW to the next level.

To reach that goal, we've been working with a few selected speakers over the past months on something we like to call "Things that touch Perl." For Perl developers, we hope this means that we're going to get you excited about taking Perl home with you and trying to use it in new ways. For developers new to Perl, we hope to show you both why Perl is a great language to work with and why Perl is great at working with other things.

We're also expanding our special course offerings at PPW this year. Dan Klein will be returning with "From Zero to Perl", a beginner course which made its debut at PPW last year with excellent reviews. Also, Perl author Peter Scott will be providing a day-long course titled "Maintaining Code While Staying Sane", a course targeted at developers that just had somebody else's code dumped in their lap. We also have a few other instructors that we are working with to potentially provide day-long courses, and we hope to be announcing those soon.

06/18/08 YAPC::NA 2009

As many of you have heard by now, Pittsburgh has been chosen as the 10th anniversary site for the Yet Another Perl Conference, North America (YAPC::NA) in 2009.

Currently, our plans are to proceed with PPW 08 this October. However, we do not plan to host a PPW in 2009. Instead, we encourage everybody to keep an eye on They have let us know that they are interested in hosting Perl Workshop possibly some time in the spring.

04/17/08 Mark your calendars.

The tenative dates for PPW 08 have been set for October 11th and 12th, 2008. The event will be taking place at Carnegie Mellon University. We are currently in the final stages of reserving the rooms and locking in those dates.

03/27/08 PPW '08 is in the works!

We have been working with our partner, the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science to secure our venue and dates for the 2008 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. Now, we are very close to having our reservations locked in.

Currently, we think that the event will happen in mid-October. We will announce the exact dates after our venue has confirmed our reservations.

It isn't too early to start thinking about sponsoring PPW '08. Prime sponsorship opportunities, such as room naming rights, usually go fast. Please contact for more information.

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