From Zero to Perl

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008 10:30 AM
Duration: 290 minutes

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About the course.

Find out why Perl has become the language of choice for Web development, text processing, database access, Internet services, mail filtering, systems administration, and other tasks requiring portable and easily-developed solutions.

This comprehensive course will enable you to unleash Perl's text processing and file manipulation powers using its rich collection of built-in functions and its unsurpassed pattern matching capabilities.

In addition to providing a thorough introduction to essential Perl syntax such as variables, flow control, subroutines, file I/O, string and array manipulation, this course also presents more advanced techniques such as parsing text with regular expressions and building data structures dynamically.

This fast-paced course covers the following Perl topics:

* Basic I/O and Flow Control
* Operators
* Manipulating Strings
* Arrays and Lists
* Hashes
* Additional I/O Techniques
* Data Structures and References
* Regular Expressions
* Subroutines

About the instructor.

Daniel Klein has been instructing Perl for over a decade as a member of the Tom Christiansen Perl Consultancy. He has been teaching subjects relating to Unix since 1984, and has been involved in Unix since 1976. His experience includes the internals of almost every Unix kernel released in the past 30 years, real-time process control, compilers and interpreters, medical diagnostic systems, system security and administration, web-related systems and servers, graphical user interface management systems, and a racetrack betting system. He contributes regularly to the proceedings of the USENIX Association, and is also their education director. He holds a Masters of Applied Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and in his free time is a member of an a capella choir and an improvisational comedy troupe.

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