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Talks I would love to attend, if only somebody would give them.

Perl in PostgreSQL

I would like to see a talk on using Perl in PostgreSQL. PL/Perl looks very interesting but I have yet to really use it for anything real. Some good stories from the field I think would be interesting.

Under-appreciated Perl Idioms

Gems of Perl-programming practice that ought to be used more frequently.

Functional-style Perl

Can everyday Perl code be made better by borrowing ideas from the world of functional programming? You betcha! Let's count the ways...

Essential One-liners

Perl is not only a world-class programming language but also a potent command-line tool. In this tour de force of compact Perl prowess, every audience member will become a command-line ninja!

Logitech G15 Keyboard and perl

What I do with my Logitech G15 Keyboard and how perl helps me do it.

How Perl Saved my Life

It would be great to hear anecdotes of real-life situations where Perl swooped in and saved the day!

The Perl community: We're not grep!

At the last PPW, Bill O'dom said that some people think that the Perl community is akin to "The Grep Community". Perl is often under-appreciated for it's varied uses. A beginner-level talk focusing on some of the more interesting applications of Perl would be great.

Reverse Engineering with perl

Did you ever reverse engineer the USB protocol of a device with the aid of perl?
Please share. Tell your story about it.
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