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Talks I would love to attend, if only somebody would give them.

Perl in PostgreSQL

I would like to see a talk on using Perl in PostgreSQL. PL/Perl looks very interesting but I have yet to really use it for anything real. Some good stories from the field I think would be interesting.

Under-appreciated Perl Idioms

Gems of Perl-programming practice that ought to be used more frequently.

Functional-style Perl

Can everyday Perl code be made better by borrowing ideas from the world of functional programming? You betcha! Let's count the ways...

Essential One-liners

Perl is not only a world-class programming language but also a potent command-line tool. In this tour de force of compact Perl prowess, every audience member will become a command-line ninja!

Logitech G15 Keyboard and perl

What I do with my Logitech G15 Keyboard and how perl helps me do it.

How Perl Saved my Life

It would be great to hear anecdotes of real-life situations where Perl swooped in and saved the day!

The Perl community: We're not grep!

At the last PPW, Bill Odom said that some people think that the Perl community is akin to "The Grep Community". Perl is often under-appreciated for it's varied uses. A beginner-level talk focusing on some of the more interesting applications of Perl would be great.

Reverse Engineering with perl

Did you ever reverse engineer the USB protocol of a device with the aid of perl?
Please share. Tell your story about it.

Using TAP to test things that are not code

Do you use TAP and its tools to test things like if a movie is playing or if you won the lottery? Share your weird testing with the rest of us. example

An introduction to Mason

How about an introductory course on using HTML::Mason?

Something learned from the Perl Survey

The opening keynote will provide the long awaited results of the Perl Survey. That leaves almost 30 hours to have time to find some strange fact to share during the lightning talks.

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