Wiki - Saturday Social

Location: The Church Brew Works
Date: Saturday, October 13th, 2007
Time: Starts at 6:30pm

Come relax and enjoy yourself at the Church Brew Works. Appetizers and some refreshments will be provided. A full food menu and selection of drinks may be ordered through the wait staff.

Please note that the area that we have reserved will be a non-smoking area. However, we will be adjacent to areas where people may be smoking.

Please add yourself to the list if you know you'll be going. Also note if you will have a guest (limit one guest per participant).

Dan Wright (‎ehdonhon‎)
Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎)
Erin Harper
Rob West (‎rfwest‎)
Walt Mankowski (‎waltman‎)
James Oden
Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎)
R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)
James E Keenan (‎kid51‎)
Dave Del Debbio
Dan Magnuszewski (‎magnachef‎)
Michael Canzoneri (‎mikecanz‎)
Scott Kriebel
John Cappiello (‎jcap‎)
Richard Dice
Paul Reilly (‎PAIR‎) (probably plus one)
Kelli Ireland
Michael Schwern (‎Schwern‎)
Bill Benedetto (‎willikers‎)
Eric Andreychek
Scott Rineer

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