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Welcome to PPW 2007!

There is still time to be a speaker, consider submitting a lightning talk today.

PPWQuestions -- Have a question that we didn't answer in our FAQ? You can e-mail the organizers, or post it here.

Hackathon -- Yes, we will have a hackathon! Have something you want to work on? Let people know about it here.

Friday Social -- Come to the PPW welcome party, hosted by Google! Please sign up on the wiki if you are coming.

Late Friday Social -- Coming in too late to make the Friday Social. Come to the Late Friday Social.

Other Activities going on near the time of the workshop.
PAPA World Pinball Championships October 11-14, 2007
swing dance with the Boilermakers October 14, 2007

Getting Started with This Wiki

TalkIdeas -- If you don't want to give a talk no problem, you can still help by telling us what talk you would like to attend. Maybe somebody will turn one into a lightning talk.

Transportation -- Information about getting to and from Carnegie-Mellon.

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