08/24/07 PPW 2007: Only 72 hours left to submit your talk proposal!

One last chance! If you have anything to say or share about Perl, don't wait. Submit a talk proposal NOW to the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. It's fun, it's easy, and it's your LAST chance.

Come Monday, August 27, at 08:00 EDT, we are closing the doors. If you haven't submitted a talk proposal by then, you WILL deny yourself the fun and glory that only PPW speakers can know.

But you need not suffer that grim fate! Victory is at hand! Just go to and submit a proposal for your talk.

Can't think of an idea for a talk? No problem! We have a wiki full of great ideas. Pick an idea, and submit a talk. Or add an idea for somebody else to use. Either way, you win! But you must act now.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2007 now!

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