07/15/08 PPW 2008 Site is now live (update your news feeds)

The PPW 2008 site is now live. The URL is

People with news readers will need to update their news feed URL to There will be no more announcements from the PPW 2007 site.

06/18/08 YAPC::NA 2009

As many of you have heard by now, Pittsburgh has been chosen as the 10th anniversary site for the Yet Another Perl Conference, North America (YAPC::NA) in 2009.

Currently, our plans are to proceed with PPW 08 this October. However, we do not plan to host a PPW in 2009. Instead, we encourage everybody to keep an eye on They have let us know that they are interested in hosting Perl Workshop possibly some time in the spring.

04/17/08 Mark your calendars.

The tenative dates for PPW 08 have been set for October 11th and 12th, 2008. The event will be taking place at Carnegie Mellon University. We are currently in the final stages of reserving the rooms and locking in those dates.

03/27/08 PPW '08 is in the works!

We have been working with our partner, the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science to secure our venue and dates for the 2008 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. Now, we are very close to having our reservations locked in.

Currently, we think that the event will happen in mid-October. We will announce the exact dates after our venue has confirmed our reservations.

It isn't too early to start thinking about sponsoring PPW '08. Prime sponsorship opportunities, such as room naming rights, usually go fast. Please contact for more information.

03/18/08 Podcasts coming soon!

We've been working hard on producing the PPW 2007 audio tracks for podcasting over the past few months.

Some speakers will be receiving an invitation to review the "rough cut" audio from their talks this week. The remainder of the speakers will be hearing from us over the next couple weeks or so.

Once we receive the "go ahead" from the speakers to publish their audio, we will continue cleaning up those audio tracks and start releasing podcasts as they become available.

10/14/07 How did we do?

Please take a moment to let us know how we can improve the Perl Workshop next year. Please take a moment to complete our online survey.

10/12/07 Cheetahmail becomes a PPW Contributing Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that CheetahMail has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Contributing Sponsor level. This is CheetahMail's first year as a PPW sponsor.

CheetahMail is the trusted global service provider of online marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises. Specializing in email marketing as well as providing a broad range of client services, CheetahMail enables clients to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers. Servicing the world's most recognizable brands, CheetahMail's globally diverse client base includes Borders Books, CompUSA, Discovery Communications, H&R Block, J.Jill, Sears Holdings Corporation and Wyndham Hotels. CheetahMail, a business unit Experian Group Ltd. (LSE:EXPN), was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Dublin and Amsterdam. For more information, please visit or email

10/10/07 Tag your content.

Posting pictures or blogging about PPW? Please use the tag "ppw2007" when posting so that we can find you.

10/10/07 Lighting Talk speaking opportunities still available

There is still time to get one third of your fifteen minutes of fame. Submit your lightning talk today. The sooner you submit your talk the sooner you can be accepted and the sooner you can finish your slides.

10/08/07 From Zero to Perl seats filling up.

Available seats for the "From Zero to Perl" course, a course aimed at programmers new to Perl, are filling up fast. Over half of the available seats are already gone. If you are interested in From Zero to Perl, we recommend that you register for the event very soon.

10/06/07 CombineNet becomes a PPW Community Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that CombineNet has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Community Sponsor level. Thanks to CombineNet for also being a two-year sponsor!

CombineNet is the advanced sourcing optimization technology company. CombineNet's Advanced Sourcing Application Platform helps companies achieve the absolute best value and lowest total cost of ownership for goods and services. CombineNet ASAP consistently produces 10, 15, even 20 percent greater actual cost savings than other e-sourcing solutions, and has delivered more than 45x ROI for the largest businesses in the world including General Mills, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Siemens and others.

10/05/07 Socialtext becomes a PPW Community Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that Socialtext has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Community Sponsor level. Thanks to Socialtext for also being a two-year sponsor!

Socialtext Incorporated makes enterprise social software for collaboration. Socialtext captures the best features of web-native tools called "wikis" and "weblogs" and brings them inside your enterprise to create a collaboration and knowledge tool that works the way people do.

Time to become a sponsor is limited! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

10/04/07 USA Technologies becomes a PPW Community Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that USA Technologies has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Community Sponsor level.

USA Technologies is recognized as a leader in wireless networking, cashless transaction, asset monitoring, and energy management services. USA Technologies' provides embedded network technology and associated networking services for everyday devices such as vending machines, kiosks, and office equipment using e-Port, Energy Management, Business Express, eSuds, and Sony PictureStation product lines. This technology is built on a thin-client architecture, where centralized processing, storage, and applications occur on a remote server rather then at each end point. This client model has enabled the Company to network a wide variety of everyday devices, such as vending machines and commercial washers and dryers.

The company's customers include some of the world's strongest brands such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Marriott Hotels, Sony Electronics, Canteen, Blackboard, and Aramark. Others include Best Western, Promus Hotel Corporation (Doubletree, Red Lion, Hampton, Embassy Suites) and Holiday Inn.

USA Technologies uses Perl at the heart of its data gateway system to process and route millions of financial credit and other data transactions a month. Our network is growing rapidly, so we're currently looking for a few talented software developers to help expand our data processing systems. If you have an interest and experience in financial transaction processing, web services, multi-threaded and event-driven models, distributed message-oriented networking, and/or high-availability architectures, and have a strong background in OO Perl development (Java experience is a plus), please contact us.

Time to become a sponsor is limited! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

10/01/07 Friday night social hosted by Google

Kick off the weekend workshop by mixing and mingling with fellow workshop attendees and representatives from the Google Pittsburgh office. Complimentary beer, wine and hor'dourves will be provided.

Google / Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Reception
Google Pittsburgh Office (map)
Friday, October 12 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Please RSVP on the wiki if you will be attending.

09/24/07 Call for Lightning Talks

There is still time to get one third of your fifteen minutes of fame. Submit your lightning talk today. One week before the conference (October 6) is the deadline for early acceptance. But for those who have an idea on the first day of the conference it is still be possible to speak as at least two lightning talk spots will be held open until the end of that day. However you have a much better chance of being accepted if you act now.

09/20/07 Logitech becomes a PPW Contributing Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that Logitech has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Contributing Sponsor level. This is Logitech's first year as a PPW sponsor.

Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in 1981 with mice, which (new at the time) provided a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. We became the worldwide leader in computer mice, and have reinvented the mouse in dozens of ways to match the evolving needs of PC and laptop users.

With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech's leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals (both cordless and corded), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control.

Last year Logitech acquired Slim Devices, maker of the Squeezebox and Transporter audio players. These products rely on the Perl-based SlimServer, and we are committed to continuing its successful tradition of open source, community-based development. This year, we also launched the Jive software platform, an open source project designed for building new user interfaces to our products.

There is still time to become a sponsor! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

09/17/07 Today is the last day for hotel discounts.

Today is the last day to reserve your hotel room at the special PPW rates. Please see the location page for information on hotel options.

09/13/07 The Perl Foundation becomes a PPW Community Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that The Perl Foundation has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Community Sponsor level. Thanks to TPF for also being a two-year sponsor!

Perl is a stable, cross-platform, open source programming language used for mission critical projects in the public and private sectors. The Perl Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to advance the use and development of the Perl programming language.

There is still time to become a sponsor! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

09/12/07 One month till PPW -- Schedule Posted!

Just one month till all the PPW goodness begins!

Our schedule of talks is now available. Please take a moment to look it over, and then purchase your event ticket today!

09/12/07 Parrot Bug Day at PPW!

In addition to being the opening day for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, Saturday, October 13th is also Bug Day for Parrot! Feel like helping out with a Parrot bug? Come to the PPW Hackathon! Parrot architect, Allison Randal, will be present to help you get started.

The PPW Hackathon has been made possible through a sponsorship from The Perl Foundation.

09/12/07 Hotel Update

The Quality Inn has agreed to extend the deadline for room reservations! You now have until the 17th to call and register for your room under the PPW rate. Please see the location page for more details.

Don't wait untill the last minute! We have been informed by the Quality Inn that they are nearly fully booked.

09/11/07 Special Invited Speaker: Allison Randal

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is happy to announce that Allison Randal will be a special invited speaker for PPW 2007. A Perl/C programmer by trade, Allison is the architect of Parrot, on the board of directors of The Perl Foundation, co-author of "Perl 6 & Parrot Essentials", and founder and president of Onyx Neon Press. She also works for for O'Reilly Media, helping to plan the program for their Open Source Convention.

While at PPW, Allison will be giving a talk on Parrot Intermediate Representation (PIR), and will also be on hand during our hackathon to help people interested in getting started with hacking on Parrot.

09/06/07 First talk selections for PPW 2007 have been announced!

Over the last few months, we have received a ton of superb talk proposals from talented speakers, all wanting to share their brilliant gems of Perl wisdom with you at this year's Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. Today, we announced our first talk selections (more to come), and they are great: a delightful mix of theory and application, industry and academia, the everyday and the exotic. Spanning the experience spectrum from novice to master, and drawn from a diverse array of fascinating fields, these talks represent a wealth of useful information, no matter what your interests or background.

Just take a look at the list of talks to see a small glimpse of the geeky goodness that awaits you at this year's Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. Come mid-October, you do not want to be anywhere else. If you haven't locked in your registration yet, don't wait, do it now. Also, discounted hotel rates end September 12, so make your hotel reservation today.

09/04/07 Reminder: Reserve your hotel rooms now!

The deadline to get the discounted rate for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is September 12th. Please make your reservations now. We have space reserved at the Quality Inn and Hampton Inn. Please see the Location page for more details.

08/29/07 Google becomes a PPW Contributing Sponsor

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that Google has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Contributing Sponsor level. This is Google's first year as a PPW sponsor.

Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google's targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

There is still time to become a sponsor! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

08/26/07 Purchase your event ticket now.

Registration for The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is now open. To register, please create an account and then click on the "Purchase your event ticket" link.

Ticket prices are:

Regular price$70
Regular + Zero to Perl$135
Student price$40
Student + Zero to Perl$105

Hotel Reminder: The deadline for hotel discounts is Wednesday, September 12th. Hotel reservations must be made separately from your event registration. Please see the Location page for more details.

08/25/07 From Zero To Perl: a one-day introductory Perl course

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is happy to announce "From Zero To Perl," a special course for programmers new to the Perl programming language, to be taught by returning PPW speaker, Daniel Klein.

There is an additional registration fee of $65 to take this course. Please select either the "Regular + From Zero To Perl" or "Student + From Zero To Perl" options when registering. Seating in this course is limited.

About the instructor. Daniel Klein has been instructing Perl for over a decade as a member of the Tom Chrisiansen Perl Consultancy. He has been teaching subjects relating to Unix since 1984, and has been involved in Unix since 1976. His experience includes the internals of almost every Unix kernel released in the past 30 years, real-time process control, compilers and interpreters, medical diagnostic systems, system security and administration, web-related systems and servers, graphical user interface management systems, and a racetrack betting system. He contributes regularly to the proceedings of the USENIX Association, and is also their education director. He holds a Masters of Applied Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and in his free time is a member of an a capella choir and an improvisational comedy troupe.

08/24/07 PPW 2007: Only 72 hours left to submit your talk proposal!

One last chance! If you have anything to say or share about Perl, don't wait. Submit a talk proposal NOW to the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. It's fun, it's easy, and it's your LAST chance.

Come Monday, August 27, at 08:00 EDT, we are closing the doors. If you haven't submitted a talk proposal by then, you WILL deny yourself the fun and glory that only PPW speakers can know.

But you need not suffer that grim fate! Victory is at hand! Just go to and submit a proposal for your talk.

Can't think of an idea for a talk? No problem! We have a wiki full of great ideas. Pick an idea, and submit a talk. Or add an idea for somebody else to use. Either way, you win! But you must act now.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2007 now!

08/16/07 pair Networks becomes a PPW Contributing Sponsor.

The Pittsburgh Perl workshop is pleased to announce that pair Networks has agreed to sponsor PPW at the Contributing Sponsor level. Thanks to pair for also being a two-year sponsor!

pair Networks is a global Web hosting and domain name registration company that has been providing reliable technical services for over 10 years. People in over 150 countries around the world choose pair Networks because of their world class network; their responsive, knowledgeable support specialists; and their secure and reliable servers.

There is still time to become a sponsor! Please see our sponsors page for more information.

08/12/07 You! Submit a talk proposal by 20 August 2007 (Please!)

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2007 is your golden opportunity to share your Perl ideas, code, and projects with eager hordes of like-minded codefolk. Last year's speakers had so much fun that we were forced to add an extra day of speaking slots to this year's PPW. Shouldn't one of those slots be yours? Shouldn't you experience the full glory of the PPW fun-fest that only speakers can know?

Of course you should!

Haven't you ...
done cool stuff with Perl?
written interesting code?
seen the future of Perl?
got a trick to share?
got a story to tell?

Then tell us!

Just go to and submit a talk proposal. It's easy.

But don't delay. Get your proposal in by 20 August 2007 -- or else you might miss out.

Seize the day! Own the fun! Submit a talk proposal for PPW 2007 now!

08/10/07 Grant Street Group steps up as PPW's first sponsor.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is happy to announce Grant Street Group as our first community sponsor. We are grateful to Grant Street Group for supporting Perl in Pittsburgh two years running.

Grant Street Group develops, hosts and administers customized software applications used by financial institutions and government entities to support a variety of financial transactions related to auctions of fixed income instruments as well as tax billing and collection.

We are still in need of more sponsors. Please visit our Sponsors page for more information.

07/05/07 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop on IRC.

If you are interested in joining in the conversation for the workshop join us in #PPW on

06/22/07 Announcing PPW 2007 - October 13,14 2007

The Pittsburgh Perl Mongers are pleased to announce The PITTSBURGH PERL WORKSHOP 2007, a two-day, low-cost conference on Saturday and Sunday October 13-14, 2007.


The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is an annual conference dedicated to the Perl programming language. In 2006, the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers broke new ground by hosting the first Perl Workshop based in the United States. This year, the Perl Mongers are expanding the Workshop to a two-day format. As always, the 2007 Workshop is designed to provide you with a comfortable, exciting, and enjoyable learning experience. It is structured as a series of short lectures, but the atmosphere is low key and engaging – the perfect combination to open your mind and then cram it full of good stuff.


After last year's conference, you gave us feedback – a lot. We listened. This year, we are giving you what you asked for:

  • The workshop has expanded to a two-day event to allow for more talks, BOF's, and social interactions.
  • We will be adding a one-day course for programmers with little or no Perl experience. This course will be given by a world-class Perl trainer.
  • The schedule has become more relaxed to allow for more peer interaction.
  • Scheduling of sessions has been improved to maximize flexibility in attending the sessions you want to attend.
  • The web site is now powered by "A Conference Toolkit" (ACT)

Stay up to date with everything that's going on with the Perl Workshop by subscribing to our RSS feed at:


The Workshop will be held at Carnegie Mellon University in the University Center building. The CMU campus is located in Oakland, part of Pittsburgh's wonderful East End.


Registration details will be announced at a later date.


The call for papers is officially open! Talks are available in 20 minute, 50 minute or lightning talk durations. This year's theme is "Hands On Perl." What does this theme mean to you? We want to know. Please visit to submit your proposals.


The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop relies heavily on sponsorship to make the conference low-cost for attendees. Please consider sponsoring the workshop financially. In return, you can send people to the workshop for free, promote your organization, and get a warm, happy feeling inside. It's a good deal. See the sponsorship prospectus for more details:

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